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Address298 Ne 44th Ct, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, Pensacola, Florida, United States
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ProductsWigs, Gifts, Crafts
Num of employees5 - 10 People
Establish year2001
MarketsNorth America
SalesUS$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

The Black Trans-Led Collective Setting Up Wig Donations for Black Trans Folks

Thu, 02 Dec 2021 05:00:00

After ensuring the wig is of great quality, it is shipped out to applicants for free. Veras will typically ask applicants what style of wig they are interested in and notify them about what's available at the given time. She will try her best to fulfill all requests, but if the type of wig you want isn't available, you'll be added to a waitlist. Once she's able to acquire the wig of your choice, then she'll reach out. 

If you're looking to donate wigs, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you're sending in a synthetic unit, Veras recommends it be brand new rather than old because synthetics wear out easier. She's fine with used units made from human hair because they can be easily reworked. You can even send separate bundles of hair, which she can use for wig-making. "It really is more about sending me what you have, and I will make something beautiful out of it," she explains.

Laced Together is open to folks who live in the United States, whether they are looking to donate or they're a Black trans person in need of a quality wig. If you don't have a wig but still want to support the cause, don't worry; there are other ways to get involved. You can donate money directly to For the Gworls to help fund the many programs they have, including Laced Together. These funds provide Veras with the means to send donors shipping labels, ship wigs to applicants, and reconstruct the donor wigs as needed.

A snapshot from FTG's the Bratz House party that was held in August 

Photography by  Venancio Cortez

Veras and Armon both hope that this program can provide their community with the things they need in addition to the funds and other services such as free spiritual readings, already offered by For the Gworls. Veras is so proud to partner with her friend and FTG because the organization's mission means so much to her. "I just want it to reach as many people as it can. I want to help all the girls," Veras says. "It sounds crazy because it is a little unrealistic. But I want to reach everyone."

To learn more about Laced Together and donate to the cause, visit 

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